”I will tell you my album is the number one hip-hop album out there now,” Hotyce says.

The talented rapper who made the move from Abuja down to Lagos in 2016 has progressed from just dropping freestyles every Friday to releasing his debut album, ”RedHotyceCold Vol 1.”

In a visit to the Pulse office to promote the album, Hotyce spoke about the inspiration behind songs on the album, working with Jesse Jagz and his plans to embark on a nationwide tour next year.

Let’s take it back a bit, how did you come about the name Hotyce?

Hotyce Hotyce

”Hotyce represents a paradox and I definitely believe I possess those qualities.

For the album title, I just wanted to make it more personal, like two extremes, cos if it’s hot, this guy will be red hot and if its cold, I will be ice cold. So I decided to make it ”RedHOTYCECold” to tell my story.”

The rapper who emerged on the scene with the record, ’10 O Clock in VGC’ recounts how he was shuttling between Lagos and Abuja and on his way back to Lagos, he decided to create a story about his experience.

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